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Automation of Engineering Simulation

The rise of simulation

Simulation has become an essential solution in many engineering problems in today’s industryFrom airplanes or automobiles to consumer products such mobile phones, or also medical technology, simulation is broadly used in the design process for gaining knowledge.

This large growth has two main causes: the computing power has incredibly risen and allows to run calculations that some years ago were unthinkable, as well as the computing costs have deep sunken. The second reason is the complexity of the products. Through the years the requirements are higher in every industry, asking for better products.

Example of a repetitive simulation process: Temperature analysis of AUROX® Headband (


Need for automation

What do you think if we give you one extra hour per day?

Many engineering processes involve repetitive tasks. Concretely analysis engineers working in simulation, which work is mostly at the computer, spend most of the time doing repetitive tasks. Meanwhile important tasks requiring engineering expertise represent a small amount of work time.

This ends up with inefficient processes, communication issues, long design cycles and frustration at work. Our mission is to solve these problems and make possible for the engineers to spend their valuable time in more creative and fulfilling work, so that our customers are able to create more innovative products and improve their efficiency. 

Nowadays there are no automation possibilities for many of these interactive tasks. While existent automation solutions use the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which run in the background and are difficult to implement, we believe that our approach through the Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) allows the understanding of geometrical representation and the automation of interactive tasks.

Our solution

Our solution is a software robot or agent, anne, that uses the GUI of the applications as interface for input/output, so that the screen is read and understood, being the actions done through the mouse and keyboard. For that purpose, available Artificial Intelligence technologies like Computer Vision and Machine Learning are used, which have been massively developed in the last years.

The notion of a software agent corresponds to the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. RPA is an emerging form of automation that uses the same input and outputs as a human would do, being a virtual worker. RPA does not need to make any modifications in the automated applications as the same graphical interfaces are used as by human users.


How it works?

When confronting a repetitive task, the user decides to give control to anne, our software agent, to automatically execute the action. In the same way, more complex simulation processes can be automated than this simple task.

The engineer has a virtual assistant available at any time.


Virtual Engineer

Time savings and higher efficiency are the direct benefits. The liberation of repetitive tasks allows the engineers to better communicate and develop innovative products

Artificial Intelligence

Available methods like Computer Vision and Machine Learning are used to provide geometry understanding and interaction with models

Engineering workflows

The typical processes are already integrated and embeeded in the tool for the most common simulation packages without need of personalization

Automated processes

The objective is to have a virtual assistant for each engineer to do all repetitive and frustrating tasks. In the long term it will able to do complex assignments and work autonomously. Now we are focusing in the automation of the following processes:

  • EVALUATION AND EXTRACTION OF RESULTS - Setting up of the model and contours, position, orientation, extracting pictures, creating presentations and reports. 

  • VERIFICATION OF MODEL PROPERTIES WITH CAD - Checking model properties like shell thicknesses with the original geometry.

  • CHECK OF DOCUMENTS AND REPORTS - Verification of numbering, loads, forces, pictures, or even text in your documents.

  • YOUR REPETITIVE PROCESS - Do you have repetitive tasks to automate? Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss how we can integrate a functionality for your case.

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