About us

Automation tools created by Users to Users

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We develop process automation solutions for analysis engineers using innovative approaches with Artificial Intelligence methods like Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Founded in 2019, and based on an extended user experience, annelysis GmbH is born from the need to automate tasks and processes in the engineering design process. See imprint.

Our portfolio consists of two areas: our main business is the development of automation solutions for analysis engineers. In a second line, engineering services for structural and fluid simulation will be offered in a near future. By using our own automated solutions we accomplish a essential advantage in terms of costs and flexibility.


Our vision

Software robots are changing the way interactive computer processes are done. Users are liberated from repetitive and frustrating work and use their time to perform more intellectual and rewarding tasks, improving the efficiency and bringing innovation for their companies.

We believe that such software robots will be in five to ten years in many areas of our everyday life. In our vision Robot Process Automation also makes sense for engineering purposes, being the main difficulty the understanding and interaction with 3D geometrical representations. We want to accomplish it and create the first software robot for engineers.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are glad to provide with more information if you are interested. You can get in touch with us at info@annelysis.com or send us your email and we will considerately contact you.

Partner with us!

Engineering simulation and solving challenging problems are our passions. We love to work with passionate people who want to create and bring great user experiences to the engineers.

Ours is a long journey and we are currently looking for partners that share our vision and bring in resources to strengthen the company on its path to success. If you think you harmonize with our vision, don't hesitate to contact us.